Champion Full Spectrum UV Starter Bundle
Champion Full Spectrum UV Starter Bundle

Champion Full Spectrum UV Starter Bundle

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Champion Full Spectrum UV Key Features: 

  • Champion Full Spectrum incorporates UVA, UVB and UVC frequencies of ultra-violet light.
  • Includes LED full visible light frequencies of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple spectrum of visible light.
  • EASY TO USE, lightweight, and a small size for portability.
  • Powder coated for tough exterior finish.
  • Upgraded features include bulb viewing window, hours counter of usage and safety switch disengages UV lights when lid is opened.

Bundle Includes:

  • Champion Full Spectrum UV device
    • 1-8W UVA, 1-8W UVB, 2-16W UVC 12” Bulbs Installed
    • Two 10.5” Full visible light spectrum LED, Natural White 12v strips installed
  • 10 pack of 12” Ultimate Standard Quartz Cuvette with Drip Chamber
  • Box of 25 Silicone syringe plungers
  • Two occluding clamps
  • Owner’s Manual

Product Description:

The Champion Full Spectrum is proven to be the most effective, cutting-edge UV/LED device on the market and proven in reliability, safety, and consistency. In this bundle, you will also get your first 10 pack of the 12” Standard Ultimate Quartz Cuvette with Drip Chamber, that uses the Turbo 180 technology. Developed to achieve the highest rate of UV exposure possible.