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10 Pack HD O3UV Cuvettes
10 Pack HD O3UV Cuvettes

10 Pack HD O3UV Cuvettes

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Key Features:

  • DEVELOPED to be used with the Champion Full Spectrum device.
  • FOR Automated Ozone and UV upgrade.
  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to be used with O3UV bag, Hedy Infusion, and Syringe Pumps.
  • PATENTED Turbo 180 turbulator technology.
  • Optional drip chamber with 170-micron filter.
  • Built-in Y-port
  • Built-in roller and occlusion clamps.


  • 10 Individual 12” Quartz Cuvettes


Product Description:

O3UV cuvettes are the only UV disposables to use the Turbo 180 technology. This all-in-one disposable tubing saves you money per usage, without the need for additional tubing for use. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

  • 100% Money back guarantee within the first 6 months.
  • Broken during shipping? No worries, we will replace it.