New Announcement

What is changing and why –

SOPMed is no longer training practitioners in Ozone and UV services. O3UV has since decided to focus on obtaining registration with the FDA on our ozone and UV equipment so these therapies can play a greater role in healthcare services throughout our community. We are excited about the pathway forward and are currently pursuing the most comprehensive studies and analysis that have been done in these fields. One step towards this goal is ensuring independence in training and research, due to this we are no longer housing SOPMed and O3UV within the same company. If you have interest in being part of an IRB please reference that in your request in the form below.

Training in the future –

To improve the availability of in-depth educational opportunities for our O3UV customers going forward, we are providing links to qualified, independent training companies versed in a variety of uses for ozone and UV equipment. While O3UV recommends these services with confidence, we do not endorse any specific uses that may be described in any training program. As always, the use of our equipment is determined entirely by the customer acting upon their medical/healthcare discretion within the scope of their licensure. Each training resource will have special areas of focus and be more versed in one area or another. For example, one may be more about practical and hands-on training right onsite, others may have a digital focus.

What about equipment questions –

When you fill out the form below just request equipment info and O3UV will contact you soon!

What about training questions –

When you fill out the form below just request training referrals and we will provide links to qualified, independent training companies.

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