Champion Full Spectrum
Champion Full Spectrum
Champion Full Spectrum
Champion Full Spectrum
Champion Full Spectrum
Champion Full Spectrum
Champion Full Spectrum

Champion Full Spectrum

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Key Features:

Proven Most Effective, Cutting-edge UV/LED Device on the Market.


  • RISK FREE- Hassle free, no questions asked 6-month money back guarantee. Don’t like the results? Just send the equipment back for a full refund on full purchases, lease payments just stopped.
  • LAST A LIFETIME and backed with a lifetime warranty.
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BULBS! Advanced photobiology using UVA, UVB and UVC frequencies of ultra-violet light.
  • UPGRADED with LED full visible light frequencies of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple spectrum of visible light. (graphic?)
  • EASY TO USE, lightweight, and a small size for portability.
  • EASY TO CLEAN with a tough exterior finish.


  • 1-8W UVA, 1-8W UVB, 2-16W UVC 12” Bulbs Installed
  • Two 10.5” Full visible light spectrum LED, Natural White 12v strips installed
  • 110V Power Cord
  • Extra fuse
  • Two occluding clamps
  • Owner’s Manual

Product Description:

O3UV raises the bar on UV light devices with the Champion Full Spectrum. The Champion Full Spectrum has the highest efficacy rates of any UV devices on the market, proven reliability, safety, and consistency. Harnessing the power of UV light as well as the full visible spectrum. The Champion Full Spectrum gives you the control to use both the UV and the LED together or separate with a push of a button.

Manufacturer’s Warrantee:

  • 100% Money back guarantee within the first 6 months on full purchases.
  • No risk payment plan guarantee, simply return the equipment and the payments stop at any time.
  • Lifetime Warrantee. For any reason we will fix your device at no cost to you. (Loaner devices are offered during the time of repair.)